French, born in 1965 in Paris.

Professional photographer since 1986.

Member of VU Agency (Paris) since 1992.

Represented by Clementine de la Feronniere Gallery (2016).

Traveled extensively in India from 1986 to 1995.

2 Books published in 1992 and 2001 related to the French settlements in India.

Works about memory in Europe using double exposure to reveal the complexity and layers that built the cities of Berlin, Moscow, Paris, Prague, Lisbon since 1996.

Correspondent for VU Agency and French magazines in Los Angeles since 2002.

Works about the myth of California


BOOK : "SMOKE & MIRRORS', Clementine de la Feronniere Editions. 2017.


CAMERA CLARA AWARD 2017 with "Urban Jungle Series.




January 2018        :   "Urban Jungle" , Camera Clara Award 2017,  Folia Gallery, Paris.

November 2017    :   "Smoke & Mirrors", Clementine de la Feronniere Gallery, Paris.

May 2017               :   " LA Chromos", Photo London Art Fair, Clementine de la Feronniere Gallery.

November 2016 :   "Scrapmetal", ParisPhoto Art Fair, VU Gallery.

September 2015 :  "Smoke & Mirrors" , "LA Chromos" Espace St Cyprien, Toulouse. 

                                 " Constructivism" "LA Dreams", Centre Bellegarde, Toulouse.

March 2014 : ART PARIS Art fair, Galerie VU ( Work exhibited : LA Chromos).

September 2013 :"Constructivism Architecture". Marble Palace, Saint Petersburg, Russia for the G20 Summit.

April 2012 : "Urban Exposure", Castanier Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

November 2010. "Smoke & Mirror, 2006-2010", Fine Art Building, Los Angeles, USA.

October 2010. "Smoke & Mirror, 2006-2010", In Camera Gallery, Paris, France.

November 2009: "VU a Paris", Catherine Houard Gallery, Paris, France.

November 2009: "Salon Paris-Photo", Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France.

September 2009: "Exposed Cities", Pente 1O Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal.

February 2009: "L.A. Fragments", Ellis Gallery, Toronto, Canada.

June 2008: "Exposed Cities", Couturier Gallery, Los Angeles, USA.

August 2007: "Go West", Deborah Page Gallery, Santa Monica, USA.

May 2007: "Paris Double Exposure", Hermes Gallery, Toronto, Canada.

June 2006: "VU à Paris", Book & Exhibition, La Pitié-Salpétrière, Paris, France.



1998: "Double Exposure", Blanc Manteaux Gallery, Paris, France.

1998: "India" La Passerelle Gallery, Gap, France.

1996: "Cafés Parisiens", Le Carre Gallery, Paris, France.

1992: "India Pondichery", Espace George V, Paris, France.



1992-1995: "India, Pondichery", French Alliances in India.

1990-1992: "India, Pondichery", FNAC Galleries in France.



Paris Photo, Paris, France.

Numerous collective shows, private collectors.



Bredaphoto International Photo Festival, September 2010, Breda, Holland (Work exhibited: Foreclosure Alley).

Ulsan International Photography Festival, September 2011, Ulsan, Korea (Work exhibited: Scrap Metal).



Bibliothèque nationale de France (National Library of France), Paris, France.

Marin Karmitz Collection (MK2).

Damien Bachelot.